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Meir Magnesium Factory

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Invested in new equipment

Added a high-temperature rotary furnace was put into service

Strategic Alliance with University

The company and Dalian University of technology and the other companies in Liaoning province has established the new material industry technology innovation strategic alliance of Boron magnesium

Production Capacity of 20,000 T.

  • Established new technical and quality centre
  • Completed the new high-temperature powder production line, introduced in international top-grade equipments
  • Broke through the company production capacity of 20,000 tons
  • Key Developing High-Tech Enterprise Award

    • For three consecutive years has been awarded as “Integrity Corporate”at Yingkou;
    • “The Key Developing High-Tech Enterprise in Yingkou”

    Star Enterprise Award Again

    For two consecutive years was awarded as “Star Enterprise” in Dashiqiao

    Star Enterprise Award

  • Awarded as “Star Enterprise” in Dashiqiao
  • EGO, the Germany’s leading manufacturer of electric heating, has visited us for business meetings.
  • Corporate Integrity & Famous Brand

    • Awarded as “Liaoning famous brand” by the National High-Tech Industries Promotion Committee Liaoning Branch
    • Awarded as “corporate integrity” by Trade2CN
    • Certified as ISO9001: 2008 by Zhongjian Certification co., Ltd
    • Introduced in new production lines, the annual output broke through 100 million tons.
    • “DONG FANG HONG hydropower station” change the name to “Eastern hydropower

    Super High Temperature MgO Powder

    • Developed super high temperature electrical grade MgO powder, high temperature up to 1200℃
    • Developed electrical grade super low-temperature MgO powder

    Annual Output of 8,000 T.

    Renovation and expansion of production, the annual output of 8,000 tons

    Permit of Export

    • Obtained approval of the Ministry of Commerce, permitting the company’s products for export MgO for electric cable
    • Certified “the Best New Product of the Year”
    • Certified as ISO9001: 2000 by Zhongjian Certification co., Ltd

    Renovation and Expansion

    • Developed the MgO powder for electric cable
    • Renovation and expansion of production, the annual output of 5,000 tons


    • Established new MgO product production line and technology centre
    • Established the first production line, the annual output of 3,000 tons
    • December 1st, 2004 the company “DASHIQIAO MEIR MAGNESIUM PRODUCTS CO., LTD” established.

    First Patent

    Applied for a patent of modified MgO application

    ISO9001 Standard

    Certified as ISO9001

    High Temperature MgO

    Starting Electrical grade Magnesium Oxide business, high temperature MgO has been approved by Government, obtained national new product certificate.

    Magnesite Company

    “DONG FANG HONG Magnesite Company” established

    Hydropower Station

    “DONG FANG HONG Hydropower Station” established